We see the law at its best as a constructive social tool, not as a destructive social hammer.

Therefore we will, where ever appropriate, counter balance justice with generosity - litigation with mediation.
- the mission statement of a legal maverick
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graham.jpgGraham Taylor, the Managing Partner, and his practise are perfectly placed to offer you the expertise you need. Please don't hesitate to call us or e-mail us for any further details....

Physical address:
54 Chelsea Drive, (cnr. Broadway and Chelsea Drive)
Durban North 

Postal Address:
P.O. BOX 202100, Durban North, 4016

Docex: 226, Durban

Tel:031 5647010
Fax:031 5647098
Cell:082 4176834

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If you have any questions about this service, please contact us.


If you would like us to provide you with some legal advice regarding an issue, please email your question to us and we will respond.  

You will not be charged for the response, nor will you be under any obligation to use our services. Please note that some issues may require a more detailed response than we are able to provide as a quick response via email.