We see the law at its best as a constructive social tool, not as a destructive social hammer.

Therefore we will, where ever appropriate, counter balance justice with generosity - litigation with mediation.
- the mission statement of a legal maverick
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finlaw.pngFinancial & Estate PlanningGive your family the peace of mind they deserve.

In a perfect world we would all live to a ripe old age and in the event of death, leave behind a family that is financially secure.   Unfortunately, the world is not perfect and tragedies do happen.  It is the actions that we take while we are alive that will determine how our families will cope should the worst happen.

Estate planning allows for you to have a say in how your financial affairs are handled after your death.  We will advise on tax efficient ways to ensure that the people you love benefit most from the assets you leave behind.  Having your financial affairs in order also means that your family will not have to deal with lengthy legal processes or be left without funds at this difficult time. 

During your life you will gain assets in the form of property, investments, business holdings, insurance policies and pension plans.   At Taylor & Finlay we will advise you on how to manage and protect these assets while you are alive and in the event of death.


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