We see the law at its best as a constructive social tool, not as a destructive social hammer.

Therefore we will, where ever appropriate, counter balance justice with generosity - litigation with mediation.
- the mission statement of a legal maverick
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About us
Graham Taylor began practicing law in 1983 and has built up a successful practice, trusted by its clients to deliver an holistic and practical approach to legal issues. 

Graham recognises that his first meeting with a client often takes place in times of stress or personal difficulty.  "For me, the most important thing is to put my client at ease and let them know that they have taken the first step to solving their problem. And that does not always have to be done through an expensive prolonged legal battle."

For Taylor Finlay, the legal process itself is only one part of the practice; providing reassurance and advice is as important as drafting documents or obtaining facts. 

The practice operates in a friendly and transparent manner and legal jargon is kept to a minimum.  "A large part of the public's fears over consulting with an attorney is the perception that lawyers are unapproachable, intimidating, and charging you for every miniscule query and telephone call," comments Graham.  "We believe that it is possible to provide a professional service in a relaxed environment. A large part of that means we will keep you informed about all the costs involved, as well as keep these to a minimum for you. To be effective legal advice does not have to cost the earth." 


question.jpgAny questions?

If you have any questions about this service, please contact us.


If you would like us to provide you with some legal advice regarding an issue, please email your question to us and we will respond.  

You will not be charged for the response, nor will you be under any obligation to use our services. Please note that some issues may require a more detailed response than we are able to provide as a quick response via email.